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  1. Rigoan
    Rigoan HarleyQuinn
    Hi, I can't add a new forum or edit my existing one as every time I try it reports "The Rules field cannot exceed 5,000 charactrers" no matter what length of text is in it. Please can you resovle this? I'm using Firefox & I've tried it on Win 7, Win 10, and Linux.
  2. Farmtech
    Farmtech HarleyQuinn
  3. iamawriter
    iamawriter Happyflowerlady
    Those were the days!!

    Am back writing for TFW but there is just one Forum Anything you can do to get more Forums there?
  4. iamawriter
    iamawriter Smokey
    A few of us are back and would really be happy to see new forums.
  5. iamawriter
    iamawriter HarleyQuinn
    Am back after almost 2 years - One of the most active members. There are no forums I see. Would be nice if there were a few forums for us to work on.
  6. Goldenbee
    Completed all the step, yet I haven’t received any email of approval or denial. Any help please ?
  7. bourehim
    bourehim KenBrace
    Hi Mr Ken. I have completed the ten posts required two days ago but haven't got approved yet, I'll be glad if you can help me with that. Thank you.
  8. gibbs
    You know how you get that feeling in your gut when a ship is about sink,,,,yap, those are the vibes I'm getting from TFW!!!
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    2. Smokey
      TFW has been dead for awhile now. The lack of forums available to post on for credits is disgusting, the lack of engagement and there's no way other than purchasing credits to gain more credits....isn't the whole point to allow people to EARN money not have to spend it to get content?
      May 6, 2020
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  9. Cheeaka
    Happy Middle of September : )
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  10. Smokey
    Anyone interested in a general/entertainment forum? Wondering if I should re-enable www.revillution.net on TheForumWheel? Comment below!
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    2. Alexandoy
      Why don't you activate it and see.
      Sep 19, 2019
  11. Cheeaka
    Happy Monday : )
  12. Cheeaka
    Cheeaka KenBrace
    Greetings young boss <3
    1. KenBrace
      Hey there!
      Jun 25, 2019
  13. Happyflowerlady
    Anyone interested in writing for a health/dieting forum, please message me. You must be actually interested in losing weight to join.
  14. luri
    My payment is pending since February 18
  15. Heatman
  16. Michael Burgos
    Michael Burgos KenBrace
    Hi Ken! I hope you can fix the problem soon so we can receive our ratings. Thank you.
  17. lemos10
    lemos10 KenBrace
    Hi, Ken! When will the Gateway forum be fixed so that new members can be evaluated? Thank you!
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  18. Kaynil
    Kaynil Cheeaka
    I miss you around, haha.
    I hope you are doing well.
  19. JoyFreak
  20. Michael Burgos
    Michael Burgos
    Can anyone help me how to get my ratings? Thanks in advance.