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Nucleus Boards

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Smokey, Nov 17, 2018.

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    Nucleus Boards was started in 2018 by myself and @shortie861 as a place for people to gather and discuss whatever they felt like chatting about. We are pretty big gamers over on Nucleus and with gaming comes new technologies, and with these technologies opens up discussions for future tech and even past tech and the like. Nucleus is a friendly community for everyone to enjoy. Whether you're into gaming, computers, web design, food & drink, or even roleplaying, we have something for you to enjoy about our forums! Using the fantastic Xenforo software as a base, we've designed Nucleus to be as customizeable as possible for the end user. Don't like the color scheme? Change it on the fly with the built in theme editor for our default theme. You can use the Nucleus-standard Grid layout view which allows for a image preview of what the forum is about, or you can use a traditional forum layout. That's not all for customization! users can add their own profile cover as well as covers to their threads to make them more eye-catching. We offer lots of cool features for customizing your Nucleus experience and offer ways to help grow your own forum as well!

    Are you a gamer? Do you stream on Mixer.com or Twitch.tv? or perhaps even youtube? We have something for you as well! Nucleus offers a stream library which allows users to add their streams to our streaming library which will enable them to gain more exposure to their channels and notify people on Nucleus when they are live!

    All this and more can be found at our growing community! come check us out today!

    Click here to Join Nucleus today! | Click here to visit Nucleus!
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