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  1. Omobude efosa clinton
    Omobude efosa clinton
    I am a prolific writer...writing post is my hubby
  2. Ekundayo Abdul
    Ekundayo Abdul
    I'm here to write.
  3. Fergus1234
    Fergus1234 Glory19
    Make sure your post is not only grammatically correct but have to be a minimum of 80 o 100 words. Try to be resourceful when it comes to topics you are not familiar with.
  4. thewritergirl1
    I am an aspiring writer.
  5. Hodari Haynes
    Hodari Haynes
    I'm new to this website. Just getting used to the whole process.
  6. kaitlynstubbs
    Remember to stay positive ~Kaitlyn
    I'm really enjoying posting on here. It's fun to interact with others in the setting and sharing my opinion.
  8. Fergus1234
    Hi I am a new admin, Please PM me if you want to increase your chances of passing.
  9. Jayani Williams Johnson
    Jayani Williams Johnson
    I love commenting and sharing my opinion on cool and exciting posts!
  10. Moldovan Eliza
    Moldovan Eliza
    Hey there! Nice to meet ya!
  11. elizabeth
    I just hope I get verified soon
  12. Nyambu mbugua
    Nyambu mbugua
    Exploring new ideas for the betterment of tommorrow
  13. dreamhacker
    Just waiting to be verified at this point...
  14. Sanna
    Curiosity is good and Thinking differently and questioning is also not bad
  15. itskamila_
    I’m new on this.
  16. Chinenye Amah
    Chinenye Amah
    I'm all about fitness. It's hard to achieve but worthe it.
  17. plecy
    'We don't inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.'
  18. Sanna
    New Here
  19. dmnavkma
  20. Sekhalo Ramet