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Best Hero picks at android game Mobile Legends

Discussion in 'Games' started by harleyquinn@912017, Feb 7, 2019.

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    Feb 7, 2019
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    I have been playing Mobile Legends for 7 months now. My boyfriend taught me how to play it. For me to have some tricks to do well in the game, I watched YouTube videos uploaded by the top players in the world. I practiced already most of the heroes. I use a tank, mag and marksman heroes. My favorite picks are Balmond (Tank), Tigreal (Tank), Hanabi (Marksman), Karrie (Marksman), Miya (this marksman is overused by many) and Eudora (Mage). There's a lot of update I've got since I started playing and new heroes as well. For me there's no overpower hero in the game. As long as you learned and practice the tricks (learn how to gank and good positioning as well), you can always win. Patience is a virtue of course. Don't let your emotions ruin the game play.

    Tournament Philippines vs. Singapore :

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