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I'm in love with The Strokes

Discussion in 'Music' started by Jenny Yeager, Feb 22, 2021.

  1. Jenny Yeager

    Jenny Yeager New Member

    Feb 22, 2021
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    Fort Worth, Texas 76110
    To tell you the truth, as a musician, nothing has been as important to me as music. My life has always been revolved around the music that I love. Rock-n-Roll is my first love, although I feel that it had done me dirty by changing into something that I had difficulty listening too for awhile.

    Fortunately, last year was the year that made me believe in rock music again. The Strokes released such an amazing album. The New Abnormal is the title of the best album that I have heard in years. From beginning to end, it is perfection. It is the only thing that I have listened to for almost an entire year, and I am not in least bit tired of it yet.

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