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Suicide And Hell

Discussion in 'Religion & Spirituality' started by Nichole, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. Nichole

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    Oct 18, 2018
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    Again, demons cannot make you do anything in this life against your own free will. But what they can do is apply a lot of pressure on their end to try and get you to do it. They will whisper in your ear that you need to do it, as the going is just getting too tough and that you need to immediately bail out of this bad situation. They will also give you evil suggestions on how to do this, along with giving you an actual desire and compulsion to actually want to do it. But again, this person will have enough will power and self control not to let the demons possess them and actually make them do it.

    Suicide has touched lots of people, and we’re not always aware of its prevalence until it happens. Unfortunately, then people are surprised by it and feel like they’re alone. They need to know there are others that have gone through the same experience.

    One last thought — as a Christian, suicide is simply not an option, since we all have an all-powerful God at our side who is just waiting to help us out when we will really need His help. Reach out to the Lord — and He will take your hand and pull you out of any dark cloud you may have just fallen into.

    But suicide can be prevented with resources, communities, support, and counseling. Therapists and counselors say you can either reduce the pain or increase the capacity to cope with pain. This can be done through counseling, therapy, medicine, or antidepressants.

    Thirdly, to approach the issue from another angle, it is worth asking the question; ‘Would God want one of his followers to take such a course of action?’ To this question we can clearly answer ‘no’. Suicide (or, for that matter, euthanasia) is never a right course of action to take. God is in control over all the circumstances of our lives, including our sickness and suffering, and, yes, even the times of our deaths. And he places us in these circumstances for a purpose — though often we cannot see what that purpose would be at the time. God is able to use our sufferings for our good, for our growth in faith and character, and also to help others. We cannot know the whole depth of God’s wisdom; how he will use our lives to serve others, how he will use our sufferings to mould and shape us. What we do know is that God is trustworthy, and that we are called to entrust our lives to him, whatever circumstances he may lead us into.

    But I would not want to tempt my eternal fate with the Lord and take my own life, and then hope I will not lose my salvation with Him. This is one gamble that is simply too extreme and too dangerous to take, especially with the way all three of the above verses are being worded by the Lord.

    Before you make any unchangeable-life decisions, please go find a medical doctor who can give you medicines to take away your depression. Life can look very hopeless when you are depressed. And, it can look really good when you aren’t. People who are not depressed seldom have any thoughts of suicide. So get some medical attention for depression ASAP.

    Paul makes it quite clear that salvation comes “by grace…through faith.” The word “grace” or “charis” represents “favor,” “good will,” or “kindness.” So, Paul is saying that it is by the good-will or charity of God that we are given salvation. More on this in a moment. But, what does Paul mean “through faith”?

    Christians often assume that suicide is an unforgivable sin and that those who die by suicide automatically go to hell. That’s a misconception that believes in a transactional view of sin and forgiveness, where if we don’t confess the sin of suicide after it takes place, it can’t be forgiven. But that idea comes more from Augustine and medieval theology than the Bible. Scripture doesn’t actually say that suicide separates us from God for eternity. The unforgivable sin is never equated with suicide in Scripture. Somebody like Samson died at his own hand, but he’s still included in Hebrews 11 among the Hall of the Faithful. And there’s the promise in Romans 8 that “neither life nor death,” not even death by suicide, could “separate us from the love of God in Christ.”

    The words “through faith” in the Greek text are “dia pisteuos” or “through faith.” “Faith” does not mean a blind leap in the dark, but a thing that can be trusted and known with certainty. Therefore, the text indicates that it is through a person’s dependency upon God’s gift through Christ Jesus that one can be “saved” or enter into a right relationship with God. In other words, it is through trust and dependency upon God through Christ Jesus. But, who is it that saves?

    The church should not be afraid of psychology or medicine. Sometimes Christians think, Oh, that’s unspiritual. If we just believe or pray more, then we’d be able to heal this. But, no, these are ways that the church can minister to one another. God gave us people who are researchers and understand medicine, brain chemistry, and neuroscience. The better we understand these things, the better we can help one another. Just as we would not think it unspiritual to medically heal somebody for cancer or leukemia, it’s okay to provide treatment for depression and mental illness.

    Most people have a very strong, natural, instinctive, survival mechanism in their makeups that will help prevent them from trying to take their own lives. The desire to want to live is a very strong primal desire within all of us, and we will do everything we can to fight off death until it is our time to be taken home by the Lord.
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    Feb 7, 2019
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    suicide is a most mad thing in this world. No religion allows it to kill some people for our own thinking and for our illiteracy. suicide is the reason of illiteracy and every suicide is shameful for those who leads people towards it . Actually the people who do it they are not muslim, not christian, not Jews not any other religion they are uneducated and greedy persons and some enemies of peace and humanity leads them to get some their own benefits and they do not know that all these persons will go in hell and that is very bad place

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