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Wifi Blocking

Discussion in 'Programming' started by eZyeil, Jul 3, 2015.


In my situation above, could this be possible?Why?

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  1. eZyeil

    eZyeil New Member

    Jul 3, 2015
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    I am not a computer programming geek and I know many here would be kind enough to help me about it. I live in a boarding house, we have a wifi that everyone in the house could connect. This Monday, our landlady asked for all the Mac Address so that they can control those who can connect, so this paper with our mac address was seen by those who would like to register, and after an hour, those gadgets I have registered cannot connect to the internet. I asked our landlady if she have already configured the wifi but she didn't. I am suspecting that someone who had seen my info blocked me, could this be possible? My gadgets can connect but no internet connection while the one I left unregistered have.

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