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[GUIDE] The Forum Wheel Gateway

Discussion in 'The Forum Wheel' started by KenBrace, Apr 13, 2015.

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  1. KenBrace

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    Apr 11, 2015
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    The Forum Wheel Gateway

    Steps 3 - 5 in becoming a writer here at The Forum Wheel have to do with the Gateway.

    What is the Gateway?

    It is essentially the "entrance exam" for becoming a writer in our system. We don't want spammers and trolls. We need writers that can post at least decent quality content for the forums in our list. Before becoming a writer users are required to make 10 demo posts in The Gateway to prove that they are good content writers. If you do a good job then we will approve your account and you can start making money! Our requirements are not strict so as long as you aren't posting spam or content with horrible grammar then you shouldn't have a problem getting approved.

    How do I subscribe to the Gateway?

    Subscribing to the Gateway is very simple.

    Note that you must register an account at the Gateway before subscribing. Enter the gateway =>

    Step 1: Click the "Forums" tab in the navigation bar. This will lead you to the forum list. The first item in the list is the Gateway. It will be pinned to the very top and will be highlighted, in bold text, and in large size to make it stand out. Go to the forum list =>

    Step 2: Click the green "plus" icon located at the right end of the listing. A drop down box should then appear.

    Step 3: Enter the "username" and "email" used to register at the Gateway. Once you have done this click "Submit".

    If you did everything correctly then you should have an active subscription at the Gateway. Your next step will then be to make ten posts in the Gateway forum. Once you have done this your account will automatically be submitted for review. We will notify you of our decision within a few hours.

    NOTE: Once you have been approved as a writer then you will no longer earn credits for posting at the Gateway.

    View the INSTRUCTIONS for more information on the approval process.
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