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Oct 17, 2019
Apr 11, 2015
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NOTE: We are working on the system so new writer applications will be reviewed tomorrow. Thanks! Apr 29, 2015

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Oct 17, 2019
    1. ilovemoney01
      I will be real happy if you can send me a test , I just joined today and so far I really like every thing about this site.
      my email associated with my account is:
      Thanks million in advance.
    2. Louis
      Hello admin, hope you're doing just fine.
      When making my ten post, do I have to make a thread too because I became a bit confused after reading of the four post to one thread ratio.
      Expecting your feedback soonest.
    3. Gichanga
      Hello admin, hoping this finds you well.

      I did complete my ten posts on Saturday night and I received an email for that. How long should I wait for account approval? I am really looking forward to be part of the team. Hoping to hear from you.

      Thanks in advance.
    4. Emma Kwamboka
      Emma Kwamboka
      Hi how do I know if I have passed the criteria? I haven't received a confirmation via email yet
      1. Kimjongo likes this.
    5. Lala Vincent
      Lala Vincent
      Hey..I posted yesterday and hasn't been confirmed yet.What may be the problem
    6. MANBETH
      Thank you Admi I am also new here
    7. micah kiptoo
      micah kiptoo
      what is wrong with my uploading process
    8. Shana Peckover
      Shana Peckover
      Just wondering.....when and if my posts will be reviewed. I understand that there are several to do. Please fill me in on what I should expect next. Thank you.
    9. val
      Hi Ken just joined :)
    10. ibezsocial
      Hello Ken, I'm just buzzing around awaiting a review of my posts. Has the review process ever run over a few days?
    11. risk330
      Hi, can you please help me with explaining the approval process. I wrote 11 posts after subscribing to the Gateway and my post count on dashboard on the website didn't go up. Does this mean the post count doesn't recognize posts from Gateway and if it doesn't how will I know if I did the quota needed for the approval and when will I get approved. Thank you in advance!
      1. ibezsocial likes this.
    12. ray
      What step did I miss in the process please?
    13. Prajwal
      Do you contact us to let us know if we are approved or not???? How long should we wait????
      1. Emma Kwamboka and ibezsocial like this.
    14. langgotkoh
      Hello admin! I'm a bit worried if I get approved. I made some posts but did not reach my 10th yet. Is it possible for you to check some of my posts and hear some criticism? I am eager to learn and wanted to be a member.
      1. KenBrace
        Sure, I can do that. I'll take a look at your posts and let you know what I think.
        Aug 25, 2015
    15. KenBrace
      NOTE: We are working on the system so new writer applications will be reviewed tomorrow. Thanks!
    16. KenBrace
      "Now my own suspicion is that reality is not only stranger than we suppose, but stranger than we can suppose."
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