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Best Medical career

Discussion in 'Medical' started by AundoPhil, Feb 13, 2022.

  1. AundoPhil

    AundoPhil New Member

    Feb 13, 2022
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    As children grow, they set up careers. A career is a job opportunity that one aspires to do after school. Most children, if you interrogate them, they will tell you that they would to be doctors when they grow up. Very many people do not understand the categories of medical professions. They assume that, anyone in a laboratory coat, within the hospital environment, is a doctor.
    There are many medical and health careers that one can major in, depending on passion and academic qualifications. Examples include: Medicine and surgery, clinical medicine, nursing, medical laboratory science, nutrition and dietetics, ophthalmology, optometry, medical engineering, dental surgery, medical records, medical education, among others.
    Medicine and surgery seems to rule the day, with the highest entry requirements and the longest study time. In most countries, they prefer students who have scored grade 'A' at high school level. It also takes the longest study period, a minimum of six years.
    Students aspiring to take medical careers should be advised and guided thoroughly, not to land on a course that is not appropriate.

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