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How to stop panic attack?

Discussion in 'Medical' started by Liezeliezel, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. FitFatTony

    FitFatTony New Member

    Oct 9, 2018
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    I've had panic attacks and other forms of anxiety for some time now.
    I have also sought out various treatment methods suggested by my physician and psychologist.
    While I have found some methods work for me, the hardest or most challenging concept was understanding not all methods will work one hundred percent of the time.

    One method I have found is wearing something like a rubber band on my wrist and being conscious of its purpose. Each time I began to feel like I was anxious or a situation might trigger a panic attack, I practised mindfulness. This was similar to the regular meditations i would try every day. If that did not work I would snap the rubber band on my wrist and use it as a distraction.
    This was only really effective for me at certain times, however practising mindfulness helped more often than anything else I had tried.

    As I am now taking things slower, and I am mindful of what is around me I am learning to control the impulses I had previously which would bring on my anxiety. Each day, as it comes, is what I am focused on. Lastly, while I am pleased I was able to control this somewhat without medication, in the first instance you should seek professional advice from your doctor, who may be able to make suggestions on how to move forward.

    All the best everyone.

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