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[ISO Friendly People] Theistic Satanism

Discussion in 'Religion & Spirituality' started by Xero Xipher, Oct 8, 2022.

  1. Xero Xipher

    Xero Xipher New Member

    Mar 27, 2022
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    Hello everyone.
    I have come to you today, to ask you, how many of you are Satanists?
    It looks like a mostly Christian Environment, but I'm curious, are you a Satanist?
    Satanism comes in many denominations... There is LaVeyan Satanism which founded the Church of Satan, but they do not believe Satan is real.
    There is The Satanic Temple... Great people, but once again they do not believe in Satan.
    There is Order of the Nine Angles which is a Neo Nazi cult Satanic Group.
    There is JoS (Joy of Satan) which is another Neo Nazi Theistic Group.
    There is The Temple of Set, which in my opinion is the most organized Theistic Satanist group I respect.

    And then there is Generic Theistic Satanism.
    Theistic Satanists are people that believe in Satan, believe Satan is the good guy and choose to Live, Fight and Die for Satan.

    I am personally a Theistic Satanist, before that I was a Norse Pagan Heathen.
    Are there any other Theistic Satanists here?

    If you're interested I left a link in my Signature for Theists.
  2. BTwrit

    BTwrit New Member

    Jan 11, 2023
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    United States
    This is an interesting religion.
    So as a Satanist, do you believe in good and evil? Do you believe that you are naturally evil? Do you believe that Satan or other beings are your creator? Do you believe that Satan can bring miracles to everyday peoples' lives? Can he show himself in person?

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