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Milestone of Explainer Video Production Tech

Discussion in 'Programming' started by alexsamuel, Feb 12, 2020.

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    Shooting is the key and most crucial stage in the video production process. Explain why, most likely not worth it. Let's talk better about not the most obvious nuances of the filming process.

    The composition of the crew.
    One for all and all for one
    The number of crew members may vary. Usually this is an operator (or several operators, if necessary), a director (directors, if necessary) and a producer (producers, again, if there is such a need) Well, then everything depends on the task. If you need the source sound of high quality - a sound engineer with separate equipment, assistants, editors, actors, make-up artists, dressers, lighteners, etc. Now they shoot whole feature films on video cameras and cameras, so working behind the scenes is almost like in a big movie.

    We had projects, on which several dozen people of the film crew alone worked. And this despite the fact that many combined several functions (administrators were drivers, producers were assistant directors, etc.)

    Video Equipment
    We use various equipment for filming. At the same time, shooting on RED is not always necessary! There are tasks for which more life (live video) is needed, somewhere you need "old-school" shooting, somewhere you need to show beautiful eyes, and somewhere you need genuine emotions ... Lenses and additional shooting equipment in video production redleos(.)com/usa/video-production-company-california-usa/ (stabilization systems) are selected in the same way cranes, carts, sound decoders and lighting devices, etc., etc., etc.)

    Shooting period
    it never repeats
    Each filming process - as a person - is unique. Two identical shootings were not and never will be, even if the same people shoot the same thing with the same equipment. Because the same operator will shoot you the same object, with the same light and the same camera, in different ways !!!

    The shooting period can last a couple of hours, or maybe a month. And a good half of this time will always be occupied by preparations for the shooting! This is an important point that we are constantly forced to explain to customers. We can take off in an hour! But for this to work out well, you need to get and assemble the folded equipment, unwind the wires, lay out the tripods, set up the lights, cameras, check the sound, and sometimes record test doubles. And it will last at least an hour! (Provided that you do not need to prepare the location itself and search for outlets.) Just believe me: in cases with 0 shooting, quickly does not mean good. (There are exceptions. But these are exceptions!)

    And yet - we really want you to understand that shooting is always a creative process. Even when it passes clearly according to the script and the storyboard. And the main thing in the creative process is what? Correct: Attitude and Atmosphere! However, this is the topic of a completely different article

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