About Us

The Forum Wheel is an online posting exchange network that allows writers to earn money by posting in forum communities. This creates a unique environment in which forums can generate quality content and writers can get paid for doing what they enjoy.

How does it work exactly?

Many forums out there are struggling to make their mark in the online world. They need active members to generate content and stir discussion but active members can be hard to come by. The Forum Wheel solves this problem and turns a small forum into an active, thriving community!

How do we do it?

We allow approved writers to earn credits for posting in the communities that appeal to their interests. This way the admins can get legit and interesting posts on their site and the writers get to enjoy themselves while working. These credits can then be cashed in for money at any time. There are no strict requirements or deadlines. There's no limit to what you can earn here at The Forum Wheel.

Join our community and start your posting journey today!