Privacy Policy

Upon registration we will require you to fill in the following information:
  • Username
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  • Password
  • Date of Birth
The following fields are optional:
  • Gender
Below are details of each piece of information and how it is used.
Your username is the name you go by in public. It's what identifies your account and separates you from everyone else. Your username must be at least 3 characters long.
We require your email address for two primary reasons.
First off we need to send you an activation email to help prevent spam bots from creating fake accounts. Without your email address we would have no where to send this activation email.
Second, your email is a great way to keep up to date on recent activity and alerts. When something interesting happens that involves you an alert is sent to your inbox. This way you are automatically notified.
Your email address will remain private and will NOT be shown in public or handed out to anyone.
Your password must be at least 6 characters long and is a secret key that only you know. This what keeps other people from logging into your account. In order to log into an account you have to know the password. If only you know your password, then only you can log into your account. Make sure that this password is not too common or easy to guess. Use something that no one would be able to guess.
Date of Birth
We require your date of birth for legal reasons. There are certain situations where we may need to know your age.
Your date of birth will remain private and will NOT be shown in public.
This field is optional. You are NOT required to specify your gender.
Providing your gender does help to give you a more unique identity in the community however.
IP Addresses
Any IP addresses used to access this site are stored in our database and are subject to investigation by our management team for security purposes.
IP address information is considered private and will NOT be shown in public or handed out to anyone under any circumstances.
Keep in mind that this privacy policy applies to our site only. We are not responsible for information provided on third party sites such as the forums you subscribe to. The information you dispense on other sites and how it is used is between you and forum admin.